Deconstructing Gehry

Frank Gehry is a trailblazer in contemporary design, often considered as one of the most highly acclaimed architects of the 20th century. An iconic genius in post-modern architecture, Gehry thrives in pushing the boundaries with his complex, avant garde concepts. Gehry’s bold structures rebels against the status quo, shifting away from the paradigm that ‘form follows function’.


As a proponent of the deconstructivsm movement, Gehry’s projects are defined for their striking profiles, mixed with undulating layers of elements, resulting in structural facades that are both complex and bold. His style of producing abstract constructions are combined with his use of malleable metal finishes juxtaposed against more traditional building components like concrete or bricks.



Gehry portfolio of projects are characterised for their use of unconventional materials, incorporating structural elements manipulated to produce rippled forms and irregular shapes. Although Gehry’s creative vision was inspired by the DeCon architectural style, the silhouettes of his spectrum of famous landmarks mixes a new age revival of cubism and futuristic aesthetics.

Below are a snapshot of Frank Gehry’s volume of work:

Walt Disney Concert Hall – Los Angeles


Guggenheim Bilbao – Spain


Jay Pritzker Pavilion – Chicago


Lou Ruvo Center – Las Vegas


Weisman Art Museum – Minneapolis


Neuer Zollhof – Dusseldorf, Germany


Dancing House – Prague


DZ Bank building – Berlin


Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris



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