Iconic Marvels of Melbourne

I love Melbourne, a city that is defined for its vibrant atmosphere, a passion for sport and a hub for fine food, wine and great coffee, often embraced through its cafe culture.

As a tourist destination and from an architectural perspective, what is quintessentially Melbourne? Nothing else epitomises Melbourne more than the following landmarks, which form the very fabric of this fine city: Flinders Street Station, the Shrine of Remembrance, the Rialto Towers, the GPO, the Arts Centre, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Luna Park and Melbourne Star.

Flinders Street Station

Built in 1910, Flinders Street Station is the heart of a comprehensive railway network in Melbourne. The facade of this iconic structure was a result of a worldwide design competition awarded in 1900 to JW Fawcett and HPC Ashworth.



Shrine of Remembrance 

Constructed between 1928-1934, the Shrine of Remembrance was built in honour of the men and women of Victoria who served in the First World War. The structure is a poignant memorial dedicated to honour those who sacrificed their lives while fighting bravely for their country.



The Rialto Towers

At 253 metres high, the Rialto Towers are a pair of giant structures designed by architects Gerard de Preu and Partner and Perrott Lyon Mathieson. The Towers is noted for its mirrored facade and covers a total area of 160,000 sq metres, with one building standing at 56 storeys and the other at 43.


The Rialto Towers


The Rialto Towers


The Rialto Towers

The Arts Centre

The Arts Centre is famous for its 162 metre high spire that fans out into flowing folds, representing a ballerina tutu wrapping itself around the Theatres Building like steel webbing.



The Arts Centre

Melbourne GPO

The GPO is in fact the heart of Melbourne, the epicentre of the city. The landmark is characterised by its Renaissance Revival architectural style, highlighted by a stone facade and layers of archways and columns.








The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), considered by Aussie sporting fanatics as Down Under’s very own version of Mecca. The stadium is a spiritual home of sport, a place of religious worship, hosting the AFL Grand Final as well as Test and One Day international cricket.







Luna Park

Located in St Kilda along Port Phillip Bay, Luna Park is a historical amusement park that was built in 1912. The venue is renown for its main entrance featuring a colourful bold face with a giant mouth, which acts as a focal point to draw in crowds. Some of the main attractions include Ferris Wheel, Terrace Tea Gardens, Scenic Railway and Pharaohs Daughter.


Luna Park


Luna Park

Melbourne Star

Located in Melbourne’s Docklands, the Melbourne Star is a giant ferris wheel that gives both visitors and locals spectacular views of the cityscape. The 40 storey high structure consists of 21 cabins that allows uninterrupted, 360 degree perspective of the city.


Melbourne Star


Melbourne Star




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