Giant Marvels of Melbourne

Melbourne is a vibrant, urban metropolis of skyscrapers, giant structures towering upwards to dizzying heights. The heart and soul of the city is a concrete jungle of high-rise commercial and residential buildings constructed in a fusion of architectural styles, which suits Melbourne’s evolving cosmopolitan landscape.

Below are a selection of Melbourne’s most noted skyscrapers:

Eureka Towers

Standing at a height of 300 metres, Eureka Towers is one of the world’s tallest residential structures, consisting of 576 apartments in addition to office, retail and hospitality facilities.

120 Collins Street

Designed in collaboration with Hassell Architects and Daryl Jackson, this 53-storey landmark echoes characteristics of art deco architecture, including a central mast and setbacks similar to New York’s Empire State Building.



101 Collins Street

Located at the ‘Paris’ end of Melbourne, 101 Collins is a monument epitomising style and class. The building facade is accentuated with glass buttresses, while the focal point within the interior are the travertine columns and the use of opulent materials including marble and 23 carat gold leaf. The design in essence is one of grandeur and elegance, to compliment the cultural heart of the city.



Prima Pearl

Towering at a height of 256 metres, Prima Pearl shimmers with boldness. Incorporating over 8500 high performance, bronze glass panels, the building is Melbourne’s second tallest residential structure.

568 Collins Street

Designed by Bruce Henderson Architects, 568 Collins Street stands at 224 metres in height, spanning 68 storeys. The overall structure is slick and slender in form, defined by three distinct vertical stratas that are delineated with deep balcony reveals.



Bourke Place

Constructed in the tradition of modernist architecture, Bourke Place was built during the office boom of the late 1980s. The overall structure consists of 51 floors and its 223 metre height is topped off with a sloping roof. Of most significance is its facade, which incorporates 170,000 metres of laminated glass.


640px-bourke_place_2008Telstra Corporate Centre


The Telstra Corporate Centre opened in 1992 and was designed by Perrot Lyon Matheison, the same architect behind the Rialto Towers. Located on Exhibition Street, the structure spans 47 floors and towers at a height of 219 metres.

Melbourne Central

Kisho Kurokawa, Bates, Smart & McCutcheon and Hassel Pty. Ltd are the design force behind Melbourne Central. Its architecture combines historical and contemporary elements. This is evident with the heritage listed shot tower, a historical landmark enclosed within the conic glass atrium. Both of which are dominated by the “Crystal Cut” office tower (featuring a facade of reflective and tinted glass panels), that stands adjacent to the retail and commercial complex.

Freshwater Place

Freshwater Place aims to transform the cityscape, by establishing the ‘new norm’ of urban environments. The structure is a symbiosis of high-density residential living combined with commercial, hospitality and retail spaces.


freshwater_place_in_southbank2c_in_july_2007Abode 318

Located opposite the State Library of Victoria, Abode 318 is a 57 storey residential tower consisting of 433 apartments. Designed by Elenberg Fraser Architects, the building is noticeably curving in form and structure. The aim of which is to maximise views and offer privacy for each unit on every floor.





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